Coach’s Corner

What are my responsibilities as a Head Coach?

The responsibilities of the Head Coach include: * Developing and communicating clear and specific goals for the team, and individual players * Modelling and teaching necessary, and age-appropriate skills for the development of individual players & team * Promoting and enforcing Hockey Canada’s Fair Play Code * Modelling good sportsmanship at all times * Developing and communicating clear and specific expectations for players, team officials, and parents * Supporting and collaborating with other OMHA coaches, and teams * Providing an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among team officials, players, and parents * Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the players

How do I choose assistant coaches, trainers, team managers? How many can I have?

House League teams may have up to five team officials listed on the roster. The OMHA covers the insurance for these assistants. The OMHA holds an annual Coaches Meeting at the beginning of the season to discuss information and strategies regarding choosing team assistants.

How do I select team captains and alternate team captains?

We suggest that the Alternate and Captain are chosen at the end of October when the coaches and players have an opportunity to get to know each other. There may be a selection process in place by the coach. The Captain and Alternate should demonstrate good leadership skills and be able to represent their team. There can be one Captain and 3 Alternates, although this is often not in place until the Peewee level.

When do I submit my team roster?

The coach must submit the names of players, bench officials, trainer and team manager to the Registrar who, upon review forwards the roster to the GHA.

The formal roster MUST be completed one week prior to first league game so that it can be filed with the Gloucester Hockey Association.

What other certifications are required (trainer).

Trainers must be certified. Refer to the OMHA website and the Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) website for clinics.

Are there training sessions available for team officials?

The OMHA holds multiple meetings at the beginning of the year for players, coaches and managers. Attendance is mandatory and if you do not attend, any issues during the year, the association will not be accountable.

Where can I find help to plan practices?

The OMHA provides education and assistance to coaches through the Mentorship Program. Please refer to the Development tab on the OMHA website.

Why do I need a team budget? What are hockey operation vs non-hockey operation expenses? When does it need to be submitted?

You need a budget that is ratified since the OMHA is a non-profit organization an need to be accountable to all parents and can be audited at any time.

It is suggested that a proposed budget be prepared for discussion at the first parent meeting. Parents have the right to question the budget. Upon approval, a signed budget must be submitted to the OMHA Registrar by December 31st. Final year end budgets must be submitted when the equipment is returned. Sweater deposits are returned once the year end budget is received and the jerseys are determined to be in good condition.

What are team fees and what do they cover? Are there guidelines/policies to follow?

Once your child is placed on a team, that team may collect team fees to help pay for the operations (extra ice, exhibition games, officials, tournaments) over the course of the season. There are maximums team fees set for each level:

Your team may also choose to do additional fundraising to help pay for other things such as tournament entry fees. The OMHA Constitution states, “Funds raised by the House League teams whether though parental contribution, fundraising or sponsorship will be spent as a minimum of 75% on hockey operations, including but not limited to ice time rental, referees, team equipment, etc. Team apparel, year-end gifts to players or coaches are not considered a part of hockey operations.” Name bars and hockey socks are considered hockey equipment/operations.

Sponsor bars are not considered hockey equipment/operations.

What services will the Mentorship Committee provide?

The OMHA Mentorship Committee presents coach education opportunities and assistance for practice development. This may include White Board sessions with guest speakers, Skating Development sessions, and Goalie clinics. Each division is assigned a coach mentor.

Does the OMHA supply practice equipment?

Yes. Pucks, pylons and other practice supplies are available to coaches.

What is the “Coaches Guide to Discipline”?

This OMHA document is available for coaches to help them manage player discipline issues.

How do I obtain team jerseys for my team?

The coach is responsible to designate a team equipment manager to take care of the team’s jerseys, launder, and bring to each game. Jerseys must be kept in team jersey bags, supplied by the OMHA. The team will place a $500 deposit for jerseys at the beginning of the year. This deposit is returned once the team set of jerseys is returned in good state of repair. Name bars and/or sponsor bars are not to be removed by the team—the OMHA equipment manager is responsible for removing all sewn on bars.

Will I get feedback from completed coach evaluations?

Yes, the Director of Risk and Safety is the coordinator of the evaluations. He will compile the results and provide the feedback designed for coach development purposes. Coach evaluations are completed mid and end of season.

How do I choose tournaments? Do all players have to attend? What documents need to be completed?

Tournaments can be found on the web; search the HEO minor website for local tournaments. The OHF branch website has listings for provincial tournaments. The OMHA sponsors an Atom and a Bantam Tournament and our house league teams must attend. Players are not obligated to attend tournaments; since these costs are covered with team fees, no refunds are provided to players who choose not to attend. Travel permits must be completed for out of town tournaments. All tournaments must be sanctioned.

Can my team have its own website?

Yes. Team pages are available on the OMHA website.

How can I change a scheduled game if my team is away at a tournament?

There is a GHA process that must be followed as soon as possible. Please refer to details on the OMHA and the GHA website.

I have a player who identifies as the opposite gender; how do I manage this in regard to the dressing room?

Hockey Canada, GHA, and OMHA all have posted guidelines. In general, Novice and Atom all share the dressing room. PeeWee and above must provide separate rooms. The OMHA adheres to Hockey Canada guidelines and are posted on our Website

Who do I contact if I need information or have an issue to discuss?

(eg parent/player issue)

Please contact your child’s team manager and try to resolve it at the coach level. If a solution is not found, please contact the Director of the division. If the Director can’t resolve the situation he will engage the Board to resolve the issue.