What is the Hockey Initiation Program (IP)?

The initiation program is going through a restructure at Hockey Canada. As we get more information, we will post on the OMHA website.

My child wants to play games, how many games are played in the IP program?

All information in regard to the new Initiation Program will be posted as we receive the new guidelines.

What documents need to be submitted for out of town travel/tournaments?

The Manager or coach will need to submit a travel permit to the President and/or Vice-President to sign and will be directed to the district chair for approval. If you have affiliates participating please contact the president or vice-president to make sure you have all documents for the travel/tournament.

How to fill out a game sheet?

Check the OMHA site for examples of how to fill out game sheets.

Club vs Individual player affiliation; what is the difference?

Club level means that if a player for a club (OMHA) then they can affiliate to any higher level team without being assigned to a specific team. The OMHA is a club affiliation for all house league players.

Individual affiliation is the competitive affiliation. Once a player has accepted to be affiliated to a specific team at the competitive level he cannot be part of the club affiliation process.

For any questions, contact the president or vice-president for clarification.

Who can I affiliate and what is the process?

The coaches will need to fill out affiliation papers and advise the player(s) the options since once a player is signed with a team as an affiliate he will not be eligible to be part of the club system.

For any questions, contact the president or vice-president for clarification.

All affiliations will need to be requested at the any level to the coach, then the parents. Under no circumstances are the coaches to approach a parent prior to contacting the players’ coach before the affiliation is reported.

Fundraising and sponsorship
What kind of fundraising is permissible? Is there a limit to fundraising?

All fundraising should be requested to the OMHA board/your director to make sure you are following the OMHA guidelines and rules.

The OMHA does have limits on fundraising.

Fundraising and sponsorship efforts for House league teams will be limited a maximum of twice the total of the Maximum Contribution limits for a team multiplied by the number of players on the team that year. Fundraising activities are optional and the efforts are to be equally shared by all members of the team.

For Example :

How can I volunteer with my child’s team? What are the requirements?

Depending on the role you want to play on your child’s team you will need to verify the criteria on the OMHA website.

How can I become a member of the OMHA executive?

Refer to the OMHA website in March for a listing of available executive positions. In order to become a member of the OMHA executive, you must notify the association of your intention in March, prior to the Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled at the end of April. All executive positions are elected at the AGM. At times, a vacancy may exist during the season; please contact the OMHA President if interested.

Can I get high school volunteer hours with the OMHA?

Volunteers are recruited for assistance during the Atom Tournament in November. Please contact the Registrar if interested.

How does the OMHA get ice?

The City of Ottawa distributes a set amount of ice to the Gloucester Hockey Association which then distributes ice to minor hockey associations. The ice provided to the OMHA is then allocated for practices to each division/teams through the OMHA Ice Coordinator. The younger divisions may share practice ice with another team in order to provide increased opportunity for practices. If a team has received a practice ice allotment that is in conflict with a game, or comes into conflict with a game as a result of a schedule change, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach of that team to resolve the conflict in collaboration with the Ice Scheduler; and if that is not possible, the coach must sell or trade the ice with another OMHA team at their level or just above or below their level. Additional practice ice is available for purchase from the: OMHA, GHA, City of Ottawa. Under no circumstances is a team to leave practice ice that has been allotted unused (burn practice ice).

How is ice allocated to teams?

The allocation of ice to teams is completed in a fair manner; team schedules and known tournaments are considered to limit any conflicts.

In the OMHA, it is typical for younger aged teams to have earlier ice times (7:00 am) while Bantam, Midget and Juvenile have later or (9:00 pm) ice schedules. However, all ice is allotted based on what has been given to our association.

How much practice ice is given to teams?

From Novice to Peewee the teams are allocated 10 full hours (20 half ice) hours for practice

How can I purchase extra ice for my team?

Please refer to the OMHA website link for purchasing ice.

Can I use allocated ice for a friendly parent-child hockey game?

NO, Under the GHA no parent-child child hockey game is permissible under the rules.

Equipment and Team Apparel
Can my child keep the jersey at the end of the season?

No, the association has jerseys for reuse at every level from Novice to Juvenile. The association invest a lot of money to have a unique identity and are usually replaced within a 7 to 10 year span.

Do goalies need to purchase their own goalie equipment?

If you have a child as a goalie, the association will furnish the goalie equipment for a small rental fee, at the house league level. If you child is at a competitive level please contact the president, vice-president or registrar to see if the association has equipment available.

Where can I purchase OMHA Rush team apparel?

OMHA Rush apparel (jackets, hats, hoodies, etc.) can be purchased at Houle Sports in Orleans. They are the official supplier of the OMHA.

Privacy and Social Media

All information on the OMHA is located on our website (orleansminorhockey.ca)

Risk and Safety

The OMHA site has valuable information on Risk and Safety, including return to play following an injury, dressing room policy, etc. Please refer to the Risk and Safety tab on the OMHA website.