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To assist and provide guidance to Orleans Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Coaches that will allow for continued growth within the OMHA Coaching community.

Support Offered

A Coach mentor can help in many different ways such as: preparing a season plan; help with running your on ice practices; pointing out different resources; helping you plan effective practices; or advice on dealing with a sensitive situation with a player or parent.


The OMHA Coach Mentorship Program was developed and implemented in 2009 as a direct result of Hockey Canada’s acknowledgement that the ongoing mentoring of Coaches at all levels in minor hockey is the key to the future growth of Coaching and player development in Canada. The Program’s seminars, workshops and on-ice activities have been developed not only to support this over-arching objective but to provide participants with new tools, techniques and talents that transcend hockey boundaries for personal development and to benefit of other sports within which they participate in a Coaching capacity.

Hockey Canada’s National Coach Certification Renewal process assesses various points to the completion of specific tasks and attendance at specified activities. Participants progress through the National Coach Certification Program by accumulating the number of points required for the desired level. This is required to maintain certifications for the competitive side and is not required for the house league side.

OMHA Coach Mentorship Credit System Explained

Core Principles

  • Coaches supporting Coaches where all interactions are CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Mentoring is an informal process of transferring knowledge. It involves people who possess high levels of knowledge, experience and qualification (the Mentor) working with people interested in development and acquiring knowledge to apply to their work tasks. In minor hockey, Coach mentoring typically involves master Coaches working with new and continuing Coaches to provide them the resources they need to carry out their Coaching duties effectively.
  • Coach mentoring is not a form of coach evaluation. It is simply a process to assist Coaches in developing their skill sets so they can continue to be effective Coaches and provide valuable volunteer services on behalf of the association. A good mentoring program is simply a support system and resource for Coaches.
  • Consensus based team supporting all of the OMHA’s Coaches.
  • Working objectively to carry out our efforts to the best of our abilities.
  • Provide Coaches with education opportunities and assistance for development (e.g. White Board sessions with guest speakers, development sessions).
  • Each level is assigned a Coach Mentor.
  • Seeking to deal with all matters in a constructive manner while respecting the dignity of others and making decisions for the good of all members of the Association.
  • Focused on the development of Coaches and their players and committed to see that all Coaches and their players are given the same chance to participate.
  • Devoted to ensuring that winning is kept in the proper perspective; important but secondary to skill development and having fun.
  • Dedicated problem solvers who always appreciate positive solutions to the challenges that present themselves to OMHA Coaches.
  • Encourage and expect parents, Coaches, players, officials, and spectators associated with the OMHA to support our objectives in the areas of fairness and equity, and development.

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