OMHA Coach Mentorship Credit System Explained

Hockey Canada’s National Coach Certification Renewal process assesses various points to the completion of specific tasks and attendance at specified activities. Participants progress through the National Coach Certification Program by accumulating the number of points required for the desired level. This is required to maintain certifications for the competitive side and is not required for the house league side.

In the spirit of encouraging and recognizing this type of engagement for all Coaches, the OMHA Mentorship team offers of its own Coach Credit System. Through the completion of specific program activities and delivery tasks,Coachescanearncredits. Thisisa voluntary program. Please note that the points the OMHA Mentorship program gives coaches as part of OMHA activities do not translate into Hockey Canada certification maintenance points.

The only way coaches get points for the National Coach Certification Renewal process is if the event they are attending has been approved by Hockey Canada.

There are many ways within the OMHA Mentorship program to collect credits towards our credit system, including -

Participation = Results!