Dear Members of the OMHA


With the help of an outstanding group of volunteers

All of our evaluators did not have a child at the level they were evaluating.

Internally the OMHA teams at the B level were well balanced as confirmed by the coaches.


This season the tradition of the Novice and Atom fundraising auctions continued.

Combined the two auctions raised over $13,300!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success, including our hosts at Broadway’s Bar and Grill, the volunteers, the supporters who donated items and of course everyone who bought an item.

Atom Tournament

The tournament celebrated another tremendous success this season thanks to Denis Normand, Louise Groulx, Liam Cromey, and their respective teams of volunteers. This tournament is unique with the added touches of bag carriers, all-star game, post-game juice and tribute to the troops. Everyone always enjoys atmosphere the tournament creates.

B Level Split

This season a new initiative championed by the OMHA was piloted. At about the mid-season mark the Novice and Atom teams at the B level were split into a tiered division system. The stronger teams were placed in one division with the weaker teams were placed in another. The teams played the remainder of the season and playoffs within those divisions.

Overall the split was a success. With some exceptions, the games were more balanced as the season went on. There were some challenges, lessons learned and there will be some tweaks to the system moving forward.

Credential Tracking

This past season, working with the Director Risk and Safety, a database of OMHA volunteers was created. This will help to streamline the roster process going forward.

Coach Evaluations

Working with the other level directors, we have returned to having two coach evaluations during the season, an in-season evaluation and an end of season evaluation, including moving to the use of electronic surveys.

The evaluations have allowed us to note strengths and areas of improvement within the OMHA. By leveraging the strengths and working to improve where needed we are able to ensure the level of hockey experience the players and parents have to come to expect from the OMHA.


Congratulations to all our hard working teams for their valiant efforts in this season’s playoffs. Special congratulations to:

Novice Half Ice

In the spring of 2017 Hockey Canada announced that starting in 201920 season, it will be mandatory that all games at the Novice level of hockey under the Hockey Canada umbrella be played in a 12 ice format.

OMHA has been a leader in the GHA half ice task force, creating an implementation plan for the coming season. There was already a GHA open house; OMHA will be hosting our own Novice Half Ice Town in late August or early September.

Thank you

I would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed to our successes with the players this season, including all the fun and development these efforts provided.

Novice Head Coaches

Atom Head Coaches

And to all the other fantastic volunteers:

Without these volunteers, none of this would have been possible and we are only as good as the volunteers we have behind us, so please come back and help us again, or, if you have never put your hand up as an OMHA volunteer, please join us and help us make things even better next season!

I personally wish to thank everyone who has impacted the success of the OMHA. When you come to the rink, players, coaches and parents are there, not just supporting their teams, but all the teams in the OMHA. This type of dedication demonstrates what a great group of people, what a great association Orleans is.

Craig Hale
Director – Novice/Atom