Dear Members of the OMHA


With the help of an amazing group of volunteers that covered the 200+ volunteer hours during evaluations,

Some highlights from evaluations

Regular Season

Orleans had a great regular season in both Peewee and Bantam. Some of the highlights include


This was the first year of the new development program that was put together by Pat Brookes. I am happy to report that all of the Peewee teams participated and the feedback was outstanding. Peewee C participated in 9 sessions while the Peewee B and A teams participated in 7 sessions. Additionally, we were able to offer development to 8 of our Bantam players.


Congratulations to all the Orleans teams on their tournament successes this year. I know a number of teams had good showings. Some of the highlights include, * Peewee C made it to the finals in the Pontiac tournament. * Bantam A won the Embrun Fall Classic, Jay Peak and Cougar Cup tournaments. They lost in the finals of the Granby International tournament. * Bantam B1 made it to the finals in the Renfrew tournament. * Bantam B3 won the North Glen Stor tournament.


Congratulations to all our hard working teams for their valiant efforts in this season’s playoffs.

Special congratulations to: * Peewee C for making it to the finals of the GHA Peewee C championship. * Bantam A for capturing this season’s GHA Bantam A championship.
* Bantam B1 for capturing this season’s GHA Bantam B “A pool” championship.


I would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed to our successes with the players this season.

Head Coaches Peewee
Head Coaches Bantam

I would also like to thank all of the other volunteers that helped make this season memorable for some many kids, * Managers * Treasurers * Assistant coaches * Trainers * Social coordinators * Scoreboard operators * And other volunteers that help contribute to a successful season

Without these volunteers, none of this would have been possible.

Additionally a special thank you to Leah Hutchinson-White for her tireless work during the evaluations. As well as, Dave Stokes, Alan Porteous, Keith Merlo and Albert Bowles who stepped in as head coaches for the first time this year.

Finally, a big thank you to all the OMHA Board members past and present who helped support and guide me in my first year as director. I really appreciated being part of such a great team.

Go Rush Go!
Jay Hatson
Director Peewee/Bantam