Registration Information

How old does my child have to be to participate in the OMHA hockey program?

Your child must be 4 years of age by December 31st of the current season year. Children are first enrolled in the Hockey Initiation Program (IP). This is a structured, learn to play hockey program designed to introduce beginners to basic skills of hockey in an atmosphere of fun and fair play.

My child has never played hockey before, will this be a problem?

Not at all. We have lots of players of different ages that have never played organized hockey. Your son/daughter will be registered by birth year and following an evaluation of their skating and hockey skills, will be placed on a team with similarly skilled players. There is lots of practice time over the year for improvement.

How do I register my child for Orleans Minor Hockey Association?

The OMHA uses an on-line registration form. On the OMHA website, click on the Registration tab for the form. Registration begins in May for the following hockey season. Registration must be completed by June 30th for returning players while new players can register up to Labour Day weekend. *Please be consistent in name use when registering your son/daughter for hockey (eg. Do not use the names Rob-Robert-Bob interchangeable; Consistent use of one name is required).

What does my registration fee cover?

OMHA registration costs generally include expenses such as: predetermined practice ice, games, insurance, team league registration fees, equipment (jerseys, pucks pylons), ice officials, Coach Certification at IP level.

Your registration covers the following:


Registration fees are different across divisions due to variances in ice times, equipment, and required officials.

How are registration fees paid to the OMHA? What financial assistance is available?

Registration fees are payable on-line through MasterCard, Visa, and Pay-Pal. Programs such as Canadian Tire Jump Start and Big Play are available (may be income based) to those requiring financial support. If you qualify for support, the OMHA will be notified. Please note that funding assistance is not intended to cover full registration amounts and parents are responsible for the balance of funds.

My child has now decided not to play… what is the OMHA Refund policy?

Please refer to the OMHA ConstitutionR.D. & R. 26 – Registration k) Refunds of registration fees (upon written request to the Registrar) for players who decide to quit the O.M.H.A. for whatever reason, after having paid their registration, may be given according to the following formula: * before Sort-outs – full refund * on or before October 15th – 23 refund * on or before December 1st – 13 refund * after December 1st – no refund

My child made a competitive team (eg Gloucester Rangers)… do I get my registration costs back from the OMHA?

No, the registration costs you paid to the OMHA are directly transferred to your child’s new team. Parents are responsible for covering the balance of registration fees to your competitive team association.

NOTE: Late Fees are not included in the transfer

Insurance coverage for Hockey Canada sanctioned events is provided through Hockey Canada, for the term September 1-August 31st. Please refer to the Hockey Canada Insurance information located under the Risk and Safety tab of the OMHA website, for more detailed information.

What are the different levels of hockey in the House League program?

House League is divided by age groups: * Initiation Program (4 to 6 years) * Novice (7-8 years) * Atom (9-10 years) * PeeWee (11-12 years) * Bantam (13-14 years) * Midget (15-17 years) * Juvenile (18-20 years)

Novice, Atom and PeeWee have tiered A-B-C- levels (based on skill development) within these groups. Bantam and Midget have A-B tiers while Juvenile is represented by one level.

What times and days of the week will my player be on the ice?

The younger players at the IP and Novice divisions will typically be scheduled on weekends, 2 times per week. Ice times will vary throughout the season and often change from week to week. Parents can expect any ice time, from 7:00 am onwards. Younger players typically play earlier in the day.

What is the difference between House League and Rep? Does House League play with body contact?

House League is recreational hockey with no body contact at any level. There are typically 20-24 (60 minute) games per season and games are played within the local district. Rep B is competitive hockey and teams play 30 games throughout the season; all Rep B games are played throughout the Region. (Please go to to see participating associations). Game duration is longer at Rep level for Bantam and Midget divisions and body contact begins at the Minor Bantam level.

What is the commitment difference between house league and a competitive player?

House league teams will typically be on the ice 2 times per week for one game and one practice. Depending on your coach, you may have 1-3 tournaments (local +/or out of town) during the season. Competitive (Rep B teams) will typically be on the ice 3-5 times per week and may have anywhere from 1-5 tournaments (local + out of town) during the season.

What is the cost difference for house league and competitive players?

After initial registration, House League team fees can range between $200- $400.00. After initial registration fees, competitive team fees can vary from $700-$900. Please check the Blues website for updated information.

Does the OMHA take imported players for our competitive teams?

The OMHA endeavors to recruit locally. Under exceptional circumstances only will we accommodate out of district players.

What equipment does my child need?

Your child must be outfitted with properly fitted standard hockey equipment, in order to participate on ice. This equipment includes:

Hockey sticks are generally cut to a length between the upper lip and chin while the child is standing in skates… if unsure please consult with your coach. Mouth Guards may be purchased at sport stores or custom made from a dentist. Two sets of Orleans Rush jerseys (home, away) will be provided to the players team at the beginning of the season and must be returned at the end of the season.

Please ensure your child’s skates are regularly sharpened.

Do you have to live in Orleans to play hockey with the Orleans Rush?

Yes, you must be a resident with a K1C postal code to play with the Orleans Minor Hockey Association.

I have shared custody and my child’s mother/father live in another hockey district. Where should I register?

Every case is unique, please consult the OMHA registrar for more information.

My family just moved to Orleans in November; can I still register to play hockey? Are registration fees pro-rated for late-comers?

Please contact the OMHA registrar to determine if there is availability, based on our registration numbers, for your child to play.