Manager 101

This is an overview of the Manager 101 pamphlet.

While the Coach looks after all ‘on-ice’ activities, the Team Manager looks after everything else. The Team Manager is one of the most important roles on the team. Team Managers should be organized, have access to the internet/email and must be able to communicate effectively. The Team Manager should ensure that as many parents participate as possible with the various tasks associated with the running of a team since there are simply too many for one person to do. One of your first tasks as a Manager, and probably the most important, is to recognize your own limitations and seek out those who can fill the gaps. Delegating or enlisting the services of others with co-managing is the key to a successful and fun year for all. It levels the load, reduces the stress, and creates parental ‘buy-in’ and ‘ownership’.

Manager 101 Guide

Team Manager 101 Guide

The Team Manager Guide in full. Individual sections of this guide are on the sidebar of this website.


House League Budget

Example of a proposed house league team budget

Interim Budget Report

Example of a budget report during the season

Final Budget Report

Example of an end of the year budget report

Team Fees

Additional Information regarding team fees


Tournament Checklist

Checklist containing necessary steps for a tournament

Travel Permit Application

Travel Permit required for entering a tournament outside of the Gloucester Hockey Association

Travel Permit for USA Hockey

Travel permit required for entering a tournament in the USA

Consent to Travel Abroad

Form required to be filled out by parent or guardian of a player before they can travel abroad to a tournament


Team Roster Submission

Official form to be filled out when submitting your roster

Player Affiliation Form

Official form to be filled out before affiliating a player to your team

Club Affiliation Letter

Official letter showing that OMHA uses 'Club' affiliation

Game Day

Game Sheet Label Template

Template for the roster label that must be put onto all game sheets

Referee Pay Rates

Table containing how much you have to pay the referees for an exhibition game


OMHA Situation Report

Example of a situation report that is filled out when a member of your team gets disciplined

ODMHA Code of Discipline

Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association code of discipline from 2011


Parent Contact List

Example of a list with contact information for players and parents


Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector

Volunteer Recognition Letter

Letter to be given to the police when getting a volunteer record check for volunteering on the hockey team