Player Affiliations

Players are permitted to be ‘affiliated’ to higher Division or Category teams in order to –

  1. Provide the higher Division or Category team to dress the maximum number of players allowable for a game in accordance with the Playing Rules; and,
  2. to give players a chance to develop their skills by playing for a higher level team.

In accordance with the Bylaws of Hockey Canada, and in accordance with the ‘Specially Affiliated Player” guidelines which the ODMHA adheres to in its operation, any team may –

  • affiliate up to a maximum of nineteen (19) ‘specially affiliated’ players
  • of which two must be goaltenders
  • from lower Division or category teams operating within the sub-division (organizational structure) in which the selecting team operates,
  • providing that all players and teams are properly registered with the Branch as defined and approved by the team’s Branch.

A geographic subdivision may include a city, town, municipality, rural area or zone as established from time to time by a Branch within its own jurisdiction.

A player is only permitted to participate as an affiliated player with one Minor hockey team of a higher division or category during a playing season.

Registering a Player as an Affiliate

Prior to participation as an affiliated player, the player’s name must be registered on the team’s affiliation list filed within the Branch and on the Official Team List within the Association. The following process must be strictly followed in order to properly register an affiliated player –

  • Upon identifying an affiliation prospect from a lower Division or Category, contact the Coach of the team and ask permission to approach the concerned player (and parents) to seek their agreement to affiliate to the higher team. If the player has not yet been affiliated by another team, such permission shall not be otherwise unreasonably withheld.

  • Arrange a date, time and location with the concerned Coach convenient to the player (i.e. before or after a practice or a game) to approach the player and parents

  • At the meeting, discuss the opportunity to be provided and expectations. Such discussion should include not only the opportunity for call-up for league game play but the capability to practice with the team and potential for tournament play. Expectations should include time to arrive before practices and games, dress and deportment when playing with the higher level team (especially applicable at the Competitive level

  • Prepare a ‘Specially Affiliated Player Permission Form’ (see Appendix 19 - Specially Affiliated Player Permission Form) ensuring that all signatures – Parent or Guardian, both the Coach of the lower and higher level team and the Player – are received

  • Retain a copy of the completed form within your Team Binder

  • Submit the original of the completed form to the OMHA Registrar for inclusion on the Official Team List as an Affiliated Player

  • After registering the Player on the Official Team List, the OMHA Registrar will forward the form to the District Chair for registration on the Teams Affiliation List held by the Branch

  • The District Chair will register the affiliate on the Team Affiliation List held by the Branch, sign the Specially Affiliated Player Permission Form and return the fully executed form back to the Team Manager via fax or email

Note - An affiliated player can actively participate as an Affiliated Player with the higher level Division or Category team only once the Team Manager has received the fully executed Specially Affiliated Player Permission Form indicating the player as having been registered as an affiliated player with both the Association and the Branch and the Association.

Affiliated Player Call-up Procedure

The following procedure should be followed in order to call-up an affiliate player –

  • Meaningful games of an affiliate player’s home team take precedence over call-up for affiliate play or practice with the affiliated team. Thus, check the affiliate player’s team game schedule on the League website to determine if the Player has a league game scheduled

  • If no league game is scheduled, contact the affiliate Player’s Coach and request permission to contact the Player for affiliate play or practice

  • If the affiliate Player’s team has no tournament game on the intended affiliate play date, the player may be made available to for affiliate play

  • Contact the player and Parent/Guardian to request the Player’s participation as an affiliate and provide details with respect to date, time and location

  • Notify the District Chair of the intended use of the Affiliated Player via email

  • As with any other team member, offer transportation, if required

  • Ensure to have a clean team sweater (and socks, if available) upon arrival

  • Ensure to record the affiliate player on the game sheet prior to the commencement of the game identifying such as “AP” next to the Player’s name on the game sheet

  • Thank the player for their participation at the end of the game providing encouragement for their effort

Other important points concerning affiliation and affiliated players –

Note: For tournament play, a player recorded on the Official Team List for one team playing in a tournament may not play as an affiliate for another team in the same tournament even though the player may be properly affiliated to the second team.

  • Once part of a team’s Affiliated Player List, the Player may not be dropped from the list and replaced over the course of the season unless the team to which the Player was originally registered releases him.

  • No player may be added to the team’s Affiliated Player List after January 15th.

  • No player is permitted to be affiliated to more than one team during the season.

  • Any suspensions, if incurred by an Affiliated Player, are to be served with the lower category team regardless of with which team the player incurred the suspension

  • Novice players are not permitted to affiliate to body checking teams

  • A Coach cannot deny a player the opportunity to affiliate

  • A Coach may provide blanket approval for affiliate participation

  • When House League players (Atom level or higher) are affiliating with competitive teams, they may only affiliate with the lowest competitive category Team (i.e. they may affiliate to Rep B team but not a AA)

  • Within the House League, a player affiliating to a higher age Division may play below his letter Category at the higher age level except for when affiliating to the House League “C” level where this level is for developmental purposes.

Note: A minor-aged player assigned to a major-aged team may affiliate to a higher category minor team for league game purposes only within the ODMHA Branch Why? - ODMHA House League teams do not differentiate between age Categories [Minor and Major] within the Division. Thus, House League players are always considered to be playing at the Major level during League play. They are subsequently determined to be ineligible for Minor tournaments played within the ODMHA.

New restrictions as of 2013

As of the beginning of the 2013 season, affiliates may only be used a maximum of 10 times throughout the season. Once the player plays his eleventh game with his affiliate team, he then becomes a member of that team and can no longer play for his original team. Use the Affiliate Use List found in the Appendices to track the number of times your affiliates are used.

Emergency Goalie Replacement

As a general rule no replacement can be made for any ill or injured player by a player of the same Division and Category. The only exception to this rule is the emergency replacement of a goaltender from the same division and category, when no affiliated goalie is available. The replacement must come from within the same district. Written permission must be obtained from the District Chairman (or designate) and, where the replacement is necessary due to medical condition, with a doctor’s note restricting the team’s regular goalie from playing for a specified period.