Resolving Game Conflicts

It is almost guaranteed that you will be faced with re-scheduling at least one game over the course of a season due to a tournament conflict for either you or your opponent.

Rescheduling a game can be either very simple or very complicated. The key is to remain calm, think clearly, communicate well and ensure you follow-up with all implicated - Team Officials, Referee Assignor, Director, Convener and anyone else identified by the League – in writing (email) and maintain the written record for future reference within the Team Binder.

Simple Reschedule:

When all teams concerned are under the GHA, we can trade game times with them for any home games we need to reschedule. Doing so minimizes the impact on all concerned avoiding rescheduling of on-ice Officials and reallocation of ice. Example -

Simple Scenario #1:

You are scheduled to play a Home game vs. Cumberland on Saturday, Jan. 18th at the Bob McQuarrie Rec Complex. The game conflicts with a tournament you are attending out of town that same date. This is game #140 at Armstrong @ 15:30 on the league schedule.

In reviewing the league schedule, you note that Gloucester is scheduled to play a Home game vs. Cumberland on Monday, January 20th at Earl Armstrong. This game is #142 @ 17:00 on the league schedule. You note that your schedule is free on the 20th and that Gloucester has no league game scheduled on the 18th.

You contact the Gloucester Team Manager in order to determine if, indeed, they are available to play a League game vs. Cumberland as their Home game on Saturday, January 18th on the Bob McQuarrie Rec Centre sheet of ice. You, in turn, would play your Home game vs. Cumberland on Monday, January 20th on the Earl Armstrong Sheet of ice. If agreed to, the written confirmation to be forwarded to the Gloucester Team Manager, the Cumberland Team Manager, and the Convener (as well as anyone else identified by the League or Association) would read as follows -  

“Due to a tournament conflict for Orleans, Orleans and Gloucester have agreed to swap their Home games vs. Cumberland on Saturday, January 18th (Game #140) and Monday, January 20th (Game #142), respectively, as follows -   Game #140 - Orleans (H) vs. Cumberland (V) originally scheduled for Saturday, January 18th, 15:30 hrs at Bob McQuarrie Rec Complex rescheduled to Monday, January 20th, 17:00 hrs at Armstrong

Game #142 – Gloucester (H) vs. Cumberland (V) originally scheduled for Monday, January 20th, 17:00 hrs at Armstrong rescheduled to Saturday, January 18th, 15:30 hrs at Bob McQuarrie Rec Complex

Pls. confirm receipt of this notice of rescheduling via return email.”

If the game you need to re-schedule is an Away game, you can try to swap the game with another team who would be the visiting team that is scheduled to play the same Home team on another date. Example -

Simple Scenario #2 -

You are scheduled to play MTK in Almonte on December 1st and Nepean White is scheduled to play MTK on January 4th in Almonte. If Orleans does not have game scheduled for Jan 4 and Nepean White does not have a game scheduled for Dec. 1, as with Scenario #1 above, the Nepean White Team Manager should be contacted and Nepean White’s availability to play on Dec. 1 confirmed.

If confirmed, written confirmation of the agreement reached similar in format and level of detail as provided in Scenario #1 above should be forwarded to all concerned including the request to confirm receipt of the change via return email.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

If, in order to resolve a game conflict, you cannot swap a game with another team as described in the scenarios above, it will be necessary to find alternate ice on a date, time and location suitable to both teams to which the game may be rescheduled. Such will require the cancellation and rescheduling of on-ice Officials and, potentially, the waste of valuable ice. Such should thus be avoided, whenever possible.

If you are the Home team and are necessarily seeking to cancel an existing League game (i.e. no suitable team can be found to switch Home games with as in Scenario #1 above), you must notify your Convener, your opponent and the association (GHA). For House League, all game switches, cancellations and reschedule’s MUST be reported to the Orleans Game Change Convenor a minimum of 18 days prior to the date of either the cancellation or the reschedule. The team requesting the rescheduling must provide the Orleans Game Change Convenor with the game number, date, Level, location, time and opponent of the original scheduled game as well as for the rescheduled date. Rep teams must also advise their Convener and the Ottawa Minor Hockey webmaster in order that the online schedule may be revised, accordingly.

The GHA will cancel and rebook the referees. For House League, the reschedule will appear on the website within 72 hours of confirmation. For Rep teams, the reschedule will appear as soon as confirmed by the Convenor. Please ensure to check the respective website to ensure that the reschedule information has been captured correctly.

The GHA pays for the referees scheduled on GHA ice and Cumberland Minor Hockey pays for the referees scheduled on Cumberland ice. Therefore, it is important that you try to keep rescheduled games on ice with District 9.

When games are cancelled, the Home team retains the ice for practice purposes. If the Home team is unable to use the ice, they may sell or trade this ice to compensate for the rescheduled game ice. The visiting team has no claim to the cancelled sheet of ice. At all costs, ice should not be left idle as this may affect the ice allocation to the OMHA the following year. Cancelled games should be rescheduled as close as possible to the original game date.

Note: If the GHA is advised of a cancellation at least 18 days in advance of the originally scheduled date, no additional charges will be incurred for rescheduling of Officials to the new date. Should the cancellation notice not be provided within 18 days, the cost of Officials on the rescheduled date must be borne by the Home team.

Other Cancellations

Scheduled games could also be cancelled and need to be rescheduled for a variety of other valid reasons including inclement weather, improper scheduling of Officials, double-booking of ice or a facility problem (i.e. power outage, compressor breakdown etc.). Remember – our goal is to play hockey. Thus every effort should be made to make accommodation to successfully reschedule cancelled games when requested.

Inclement Weather

Rep Teams - Only the League may cancel a scheduled game due to inclement weather. Normally, such decision is made by the League a minimum of 5 hours in advance of game time and the GHA is advised, accordingly. The GHA, in turn, advises both teams and the scheduled Officials of the cancellation.

House League Teams – if a decision is made between two teams to cancel a game due to inclement weather, you must confirm such cancellation immediately via email with the opposing team. You must also contact the GHA VP House League or GHA Treasurer to cancel the referees. You must provide a minimum of 3 hours notice or you will be charged the full cost of the officials.

When such decision is made, the ice remains with the Home team for its use as practice ice. The Home team is subsequently responsible for obtaining ice at its cost on a suitable alternate date on which to which to play the scheduled game. The OMHA, Rep B and GHA Ice Conveners, as appropriate, can assist in locating such ice.

Under no circumstances is a team to fail to show due to inclement weather on without the advance approval of the League. If they do, they will be liable to find suitable alternate ice and coordinate the provision of on-ice Officials at their cost without compensation from either the opposing team or the League or else forfeit the game. Other disciplinary measures may be taken by the League or Home Association.

Officials or Opponent ‘No Show’

On-ice Officials must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to all games. Thus, at approximately 25 minutes before game time, the Team Manager should check the Referee Room to ensure that Officials are present.

Human errors do occur, however, with enough notice they may be corrected. If an Official is missing, the other Officials know the procedures to follow to find the missing ref or call for help. If, however, all Officials are missing, attempts should be made to first contact the District 9 Referee Assignor (D9RA) via cell at 613-688-7126 in order to confirm that Officials were indeed assigned and, if so, to the right rink at the right time. If unable to contact the D9RA, the District 9 Referee-in Chief (D9RIC) should be contacted via cell at 613-720-1493.

Quite often, the situation may be corrected with alternate Officials within 20 minutes of being notified of the problem. Thus, the importance of checking the Referee Room 25 minutes in advance to allow time, if necessary, to locate replacement Officials, if possible. 
If either on-ice Officials or the visiting team fails to show at an otherwise scheduled game time slot, the Home team is to utilize the available ice for practice purposes. One of their assigned practice times shall be used as an offset for purposes of holding the rescheduled match.

When the Home team fails to show, the visiting team may proceed to utilize the free ice without having to provide compensation to the Home team. The Home team shall be responsible for finding suitable alternative ice at their cost, including the coordination and cost of on-ice Officials, upon which to play the rescheduled game or the game may be forfeited.

Facility Breakdown

Hockey arenas are gigantic refrigeration machines which require power to operate and do, on occasion, suffer breakdown. Although always inconvenient, it must be recognized that such incidents are not planned and normally cannot be resolved instantaneously by the on-site staff.

When games must necessarily be cancelled due to a facility breakdown, both the League and your Convener should be advised within 24 hours in order that the

City can be notified and the ice credited to the GHA. The GHA will find a suitable alternate date, time and location for both teams upon which to play the rescheduled match. In all situations such as this, the cost for the rescheduled game (ice and Officials) will be borne by the GHA.