Game Sheets and Reporting

Game Sheets

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager of the HOME team to ensure that the following are provided for each Home game:

  • game pucks
  • scoreboard operator
  • game sheet official.
  • the game sheets properly completed, signed by both teams and at the Scorer/Timer box for review by the Referee prior to commencement of the game. Note: If it is not completed correctly and information is missing, the your team may be penalized for delay of game

Prior to the game (preferably, prior to arriving at the rink), prepare the score sheet. At many tournaments, this will be done for you by the Tournament Registration Desk. When this occurs, you will be required to verify the information contained on the sheet regarding your team and validate it by signature, accordingly.

While it is fully acceptable your Team Roster in handwritten format on the game sheet, it is much easier to prepare team game sheet labels in advance. The Avery No. 5163 or 08163 4” x 2” (10.2 x 5.1 cm) White Mailing Labels should be used for this purpose. The label text may be prepared utilizing the Game Sheet Label template found within the Forms section of the OMHA website (see Appendix 19 – Game Sheet Label Template)

Prior to the Game

The ODMHA game sheet is comprised of four identical pre-carbonated sheets. Prepare your game sheet on a hard surface in order to ensure that the information written on the front copy will transcribe clearly onto all three copies behind it. Complete the top portion of the game sheet by filling in the following required information (see Appendix 26 – Instructions for Completing a Game Sheet) –

  • Official League game number from League schedule
  • Location of the game (Arena and Rink No., if applicable)
  • League (GHA for House League and ODMHL for Competitive)
  • Division and Category (i.e. Novice C, Peewee A, Minor Midget Rep B)
  • Date of game
  • Indicate Exhibition, League, Playoff or Tournament game
  • Identify name of Scorer and contact no. (should any questions arise at a later date)
  • Identify scheduled duration of 1st, 2nd and 3rd period play
  • Place a team label on all 4 sheets in the Home section (in the Visitor section if an Away game).
  • Stroke out any individuals who you know will be absent for the game due to injury (Inj), suspension (Sus) or for other reason. Affiliate players participating must be added onto the label and identified (AP)

Note: Players whose names are stroked off the game sheet cannot be added to it again after the game commences. Further, players whose names are stroked off the game sheet cannot be on the player’s bench as the bench is only for players in uniform and registered on the game sheet.

If absent due to suspension, ensure to identify the player by sweater number, name and number of games served (i.e. 1 of 1, 1 of 2 etc.) within the List Suspended Players portion immediately beneath the Team label portion of the game sheet.

Bring the game sheet to the Visitor dressing room at least 20 minutes before the game. They will fill in their portion of the game sheet and return it to you. Give the completed game sheet to the designated Official Scorer or bring the game sheet to the scoreboard control box directly.

Following the Game

Immediately following the game, the Officials will take the game sheet to the Referee’s Room and verify all information on the game sheet. It is responsibility of the Home Team Manager to go the Referee Room after each Home game to get the game sheet. In a game without an ejection, all four copies will be returned to you.

If a player ejection has occurred during the match, the Referee will have to prepare a written report of the events surrounding the ejection on the back of the game sheet. He will retain the original copy for forwarding directly to the League and provide you with the three remaining copies.

You must provide the opposing team a copy. After an Away game, the Home team must provide you with a copy. Do not leave the rink without a receiving a copy of the game sheet from the other team.

At the House League Level, the game sheets should be distributed as follows:

  • Pages 1 & 4 - drop them off at the drop box at the GHA office at Earl Armstrong arena within 48 hours of the game. Enter the arena from the right side entrance, since the front doors may be locked. Go into the arena and go up the stairs in the north-east corner, turn left and you’ll see the mail slot for the GHA office.

  • Page 2 - give to the visiting team.

  • Page 3 - keep for your records preferably within the Team Binder. You may be requested at any time to show them at a tournament to verify player status, to confirm level of play etc.