The Budget

The Team Budget is put together at the start of the season as collaborative effort between the Coach, the Team Manager and the Parents. The proposed budget should reflect, at a high level, all anticipated costs to be incurred over the course of the season. Where exact costs are unknown, err to the safe side in your projections as it is always easier to collect less than the agreed upon amount from Parents as opposed to more.

Team Fees

In addition to the annual player registration fee, team fees are to be paid for each player within the OMHA. The specific amounts to be paid vary by Division (Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Midget and Juvenile) and Category (A, B, C or Rep B). Such amounts are determined by the OMHA Board of Directors annually and are based on the projected cost of ice and officials for the upcoming season. (See Appendix 29 –Team Fees)

Team fees are a necessary cost for the privilege of playing hockey. Parents are advised of at the time of registration of the specific amount to be incurred and that the payment of such fees is mandatory. Should the payment of such fees become an irresolvable issue with any parent during the course of the year, the matter should be referred to Coach for further action.

Team fees are established to cover the cost of extra practice ice, exhibition games/officials and tournaments for the upcoming season. As such, OMHA policy states that such funds may not be used for the purchase of team clothing, team parties and other ‘non-hockey operations’ expenditures. Sponsorships and team fundraising efforts should be utilized to pay for such expenditures.

Should you have any question as to whether or not team fees may be used for a specific expenditure, check with your Coach. Remember, after all is said and done, it will be the Coach who will be held accountable to the OMHA for all expenditures.

It is best to collect full payment of team fees as soon after the team is formed as possible. However, it must be recognized that families are burdened by many competing financial demands and that, on occasion, payment plans may be requested and considered over longer periods of time. Agreement with respect to such plans must be reached between the Team Manager and the requesting family as early into the season as possible. Ensure to advise the Coach in advance of any requests and consideration of payment plans as, once again, he will ultimately be held accountable to the Board for all team financial matters.

Team Bank Account

Most major banks and trust companies have community service accounts available for use by non-profit agencies such as sports teams. These accounts charge reduced fees for banking services (i.e. cheque, withdrawal and administration fees) and may often reverse such fees if and when charged.

It is recommended that the Team Bank Account require co-signors for any cheques drawn on the account. This is most easily accomplished by the Team Manager and Coach being identified as co-signatories to the account or, if a Treasurer is appointed, the Treasurer and the Team Manager. In rare occasions, the Team Manager may be identified as the sole signatory on the account. However, such should only occur with the full agreement of Parents and the Coach as, again, the Coach is ultimately responsible to the Board for all actions and activities of the Team. Such responsibility includes accountability for all financial matters associated with the Team.

Most accounts offer ATM access and web management features. Such tools often prove useful in managing the day to day activities of a busy team. However, beware of additional bank fees which may be levied by your institution in providing access to these services as fees for these ‘luxury’ services are often not reversed for Community Service accounts.


Under the terms of the OMHA Constitution, Team Sponsors may be actively sought, for purpose of helping to offset individual team’s expenses during the year. Sponsorship may be accepted from all businesses, groups and establishments, whether in or out of the Orleans area. Player canvassing, however, is to be restricted to the old boundaries of the City of Gloucester only.

The team must seek approval from the OMHA Executive for all major team sponsorships (>$2,000) and or fundraising activity. All team fundraising is strictly voluntary and no parent or player should feel obligated to participate in fundraising activities or contribute additional financial support to the team beyond the Team Fees established annually by OMHA policy (see Appendix 29 – Team Fees).

Sponsorship Bars

All proposed sponsors seeking sponsorship bars must be approved by the OMHA prior to acceptance of any funds. The Team should submit such proposals in writing to their Convener indicating the name of the Sponsor, the funds to be received as sponsorship and the proposed text to be displayed on the sponsorship bars. The Convener will forward the submission to the Board for their review and approval. Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

The sale of sponsorship bars to be displayed on the rear hip portion of the team jerseys is an excellent source of team revenue. While there is no maximum to the value of the sponsorship to be received for this privilege, a minimum of $750 per set (Home or Away) of sweaters has been fixed by the Association.

Of the minimum $750 received, $100 per set of sweaters (Home or Away) is to be provided to the OMHA to offset potential damage caused as a result of the sewing and removal of the bars for each individual sponsorship bar set sold. This figure is reduced to $150 for both sets if sold to one sponsor. The use of individual sponsorship bars is permitted only if all sweaters on the given sweater set (Home or Away) have such individual bars.

The cost for producing and sewing of the sponsorship bars is to be borne by the Team from the sponsorship funds received. As with the name bars, sponsorship bars may only be produced and sewn by Houle Sports. Arrangements with Houle should be made, accordingly.

Budget Reports

There are 3 key budget reports which must be submitted by all OMHA teams –

  • Ratified Budget – a copy of the Ratified Budget, including the Parent Budget Ratification Form signed by all families, must be submitted to the OMHA Treasurer/Registrar prior to November 1st (see Appendix 4 - Example of Proposed HL Team Budget and Appendix 5 – Example of Proposed Competitive Team Budget) with the completed Parent Budget Ratification Form (see Appendix 6 - Parent Budget Ratification Form)

  • Interim Budget Report – provided to all parents for their information, review and approval at the halfway point of the season at the House League level (just prior to Xmas break) and monthly at the Competitive level (see Appendix 5 - Interim Budget Report). A copy of the Interim Budget Report must be submitted to the OMHA Treasurer/Registrar by January 1st

  • Final Budget Report – a copy of the Final Budget Report, attested to by signature of either the Coach, the Team Manager or both, must be submitted to the OMHA Treasurer/Registrar prior to April 15th (see Appendix 8 - FINAL Budget Report)


All players and members of the Coaching staff identified on the Official Team List are covered under the umbrella Hockey Canada insurance policy. The policy is administered within the ODMHA by the ODHA. Any specific questions concerning coverage under the policy should be directed, in writing, to the ODHA office.

However, there are some key points regarding insurance that should be noted in developing your season plan –

  • Coverage commences from the date of the 1st tryout session and ends the last day of scheduled league play (i.e. elimination from playoffs). Should extended coverage be required in order to participate in a previously scheduled tournament (i.e. for Competitive Level - Tournament of Champions), a formal request for extension must be made to and approval received from the OMHA, in writing, prior to participation in the event.

  • Only those individuals (Players, Coaches, Trainers, Team Manager and On-ice Assistants) listed on the Official Team List are covered by under the umbrella insurance policy.

  • The OMHA covers the cost of insurance for five (5) team officials at the time of team registration with the league. The names of these specific individuals must be included on the Official Team List. Additional names may be added at additional expense to the team. Note: Only those individuals whose names are included on the Official Team Roster are deemed to be insured and may participate on-ice or on the bench in practices and games.

  • Team off-ice activities are covered under the insurance policy for those individuals listed on the Official Team List (i.e. dry land training, skating parties, bottle drives etc.).

  • 5-on-5 play at any time is prohibited without a certified Referee on-ice to officiate. 4-on-4 play is permitted.

  • Parent / player games are strictly prohibited.