Coach –

  • Explanation of role and responsibilities of the various positions within the Coaching staff (i.e. Assistant Coach, Trainer, Manager) and identification of individuals to fill these roles, if not already done
  • The Coach’s ground rules and expectations (i.e. arrival times for practices and games, dress for tournaments, contact process for absences and general communication etc.)
  • how many tournaments he would like to attend
  • explain consequences for dressing room/bench misconduct
  • work ethic
  • respect of team officials, refs, and opponents
  • behavior on and off the ice

Trainer –

  • Medical forms - distribute and explain (see Appendix 1 - Sample Hockey Canada Medical Information Sheet)
  • Trainer Kit – description of contents of and process to access
  • Action Plan in case of emergency (i.e. player to dressing room, player to hospital etc.) [buddy system, paperwork to travel with player, Trainer to remain on bench with team]

Manager –

  • Explanation of role and responsibilities
  • Commence completion of Parent Contact List (see Appendix 2 - Sample Parent Contact List)
  • Description of Bank Account (name, access and restrictions, decision of one vs. two signatures)
  • Review and ratification of proposed budget (Note: if the Team Manager is only selected at the Parent Meeting, this budget ratification process may be delayed a couple of weeks to allow the Coach and Team Manager to develop collaboratively the Team budget and present it to the Parents for ratification. It must be noted, however, that such delays the approved expenditure of team funds and necessitates the coordination of another Parent meeting to review and formally ratify the proposed budget. Thus, every effort should be made to present and approve the initial budget at the 1st meeting of the Parents)