Sweaters and Equipment Pickup

Shortly after Teams are selected, your Coach will receive an email from the OMHA advising of the sweater and equipment (pucks and pylons) scheduled pickup date, time and location. Coaches often choose to carry out this task themselves as it provides them their first and last opportunity prior to commencement of the season to touch base with the Board executive. However, especially in the older age groups, the task is assigned to the Team Manager.

At the time of the sweater and equipment pickup, the OMHA will have two sets of sweaters (Home and Away) suitable for your Division and Category bundled in sweater bags ready for you. The Association’s Equipment Manager will, in your presence, review the condition and numbers assigned to your team for each set of sweaters. All assigned numbers will be recorded on the Team Equipment List that is retained within the records of the OMHA and you will be asked to sign receipt for same.

You will be asked to recognize receipt of the sweaters and equipment via signature on the Team Equipment List. A deposit of $350 by cheque addressed to “OMHA” ($150 for each of the Home and Away sets) must also be provided at this time. The deposit will be returned at the end of the season upon return of full sets of the assigned jerseys. Should the team bank account yet to be established and/or sufficient team funds yet to be collected, the deposit is often fronted by either the Coach of the Team Manager and marked for repayment as soon as team funds are available.

Note - if you lose a sweater(s) or one gets unreasonably damaged, the OMHA reserves the right to withhold all or part of the team deposit to offset the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged or misplaced sweater(s).

Name Bars / C & As

Name bars are worn on the upper portion of the sweater above the numbers to readily identify players to both Coaches and fans. Within the OMHA, Houle Sports is the sole designated retailer with authority to produce and sew name bars onto OMHA sweaters.

Normally at the first practice after pickup, sweaters are assigned to players. Record the assigned numbers against each player in numerical order for the purposes of submitting such list to Houle Sports for the production of name bars and their sewing (see Appendix 9 - Assigned Sweater List).

Players who have played previously within the OMHA may already have name bars from previous years on file with Houle. For those that do not, name bars will have to be made. Charges are incurred for each name bar which must be made and for their individual sewing. Name bars held on file by Houle are provided and sewn on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thus, if two ‘SMITH’ name bars are held on file and your player ‘SMITH’ is the third jersey of the season for which a name bar is required, you will be charged for its manufacture.

Coordinate your sewing directly with Houle to take place either in advance of your first game, if possible, or between assigned games, if necessary. Ensure to confer with your Coach in advance to determine how many Assistants he wishes to assign to the team. You should order your Cs and As at the same time as your sewing in order that they are ready for distribution as soon as the recipients are identified by the Coaching staff. Iron-on Cs and As should not be used as they damage the sweaters by leaving adhesive residue when removed.

The Association Meeting

The Association meeting is called a couple weeks before your season starts. Coaches and Managers for all OMHA teams (House League and Rep) attend this very important meeting. Date, time and location of the meeting are normally conveyed by the Association through the respective Conveners to the Coaches.

Here, the Association Executive is introduced to the Coaching staffs, important league and association information is conveyed, new rules and rule clarification provided and operational and administrative questions are fielded. It is an excellent time meet and network with other Coaches and Managers and to share from the wealth of experience in the room. It is a meeting that should not be missed and careful notes taken for future reference during the season.

The Official Team List

The ODHA Official Team List is the document prepared by the Association Registrar to formally register each Team, its respective players and coaching staff as formally recognized members of the Team within the CHA.

Only those Players and Team Officials whose names appear on the Official Team List are insured under the CHA insurance policy. Thus, only those individuals who appear on the Official Team List may be involved with any on-ice activity (i.e. practices, games etc.). The Association covers the insurance costs for 5 Official members of the Coaching staff normally comprising the Coach, Assistant Coaches, Trainer and Manager. Additional names may be added on the Official Team List at an incremental cost for on-ice practice helpers, if so desired.

The Official Team List is required by all tournaments in order to complete the tournament registration process. It is thus extremely important to gather and submit the required information to the Association Registrar as soon as possible after the Team is selected in order to ensure its timely development and provision to you.

The following information is required for every player, member of the Coaching staff and others individuals to be listed on the Official Team List (see Appendix 9 - Official Team List Submission Form) –

  • Sweater Number
  • Last Name
  • First name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth (mm-dd-yy)
  • Position (i.e. Player, Coach, On-ice Assistant etc.)

The Association Registrar will transpose the information provided into the ODHA registration system which produces the Official Team List. The Roster, once developed, will be forwarded to you by the Registrar for signature by each person listed on it against the information listed concerning them. This is usually best accomplished at the first available practice or game following receipt of the Roster.

Once all signatures have been provided, make a copy of the form for your future use retaining the copy within the Team Binder. Return the original copy with all original signatures back to the Association Registrar for forwarding to the ODHA for registration.

The names of all players affiliated to your team must also appear on your Official Team List. In order to do so, the required player information for the Official Team List as listed above must be provided to the Association Registrar. Refer to the Affiliation section within this document for further information as to how this is accomplished.

The Team Schedule

Games, practices, team events and social activities all require careful scheduling in order to inform and to identify and resolve potential conflicts. This is accomplished by the development and ongoing maintenance of an accurate Team Schedule.

Information to be displayed on the Team Schedule comes from a number of sources. Game dates, times and locations are provided by the League Assigned practice date, times and locations are provided by the Association. With the addition of exhibition games, tournaments, social events and team outings for a 7-8 month period, you quickly can see that an up-to-date, well-balanced Team schedule is most critical to a successful and enjoyable hockey season. (See Appendix 11 - Team Schedule)

There can only be one ‘Official’ Team Schedule. Be certain that you establish upfront with the Parents how the ‘Official’ Team Schedule will be distributed (i.e. via email from you, the Coach or posted on a Team Website). If distributed by email and subsequently posted onto a Team website, it is extremely important that the webmaster modify the site schedule as soon as the emailed version is received. Review it often to ensure both its currency and accuracy to avoid costly team confusion including the possible waste of expensive practice ice or, more importantly, a missed league or exhibition game. A good trick that some teams use is to distribute a weekly schedule reminder via e-mail to ensure that everyone is aware and up-to-date regarding team activities for the subsequent seven days.